पंजाब में लागू हुई नई पाबन्दियाँ? 15 मई तक क्या क्या बंद ? पढे नए हुकम?


पंजाब में लगा लॉकडाउन! जरुरत के सामान को छोड़कर बाकी सभी दुकानें बंद, कार में दो से ज्यादा लोग नहीं बैठ सकते

Government of Punjab
Department of Home Affairs & Justice
(Home -4 Branch)


  1. All the Divisional Commissioners and the Deputy Commissioners in the State
  2. All the Zonal IGPs, Commissioners of Police, DIGs and SSPs in the State


Dated: Chandigarh. the 2nd day of May, 2021.

Sub: Additional restrictions regarding COVID-19 applicable w.e.f. 02.05.2021 to 15.05.2021.

  1. In continuation to this office letter No. 7/56/2020/2H4/2142 dated the
    30th April 2021 in the subject matter which shall continue to be enforced till 05.2021.
  2. In addition to the restrictions as imposed vide letter referred to
    hereinabove, the following additional restrictions shall be strictly and meticulously enforced:-

All shops selling non-essential items to remain closed

Essential items include Chemist shops and shops dealing with supply of essential goods, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, dairy and poultry products like eggs, meat, mobile repair etc.

No restriction on laboratories, nursing homes and all other medical establishments.

  1. Nobody to enter the State whether by air, rail or road without either
  2. Negative Covid report not more than 72 hours old, or
  3. Vaccination certificate (at least one dose) over 2 weeks old.
  • All Government offices as well as banks will work at 50% strength other than those where officials are involved in Covid management. Deputy Commissioners are authorised to draft services of any official for Covid management and related duties.
  1. All Four-Wheeler Passenger vehicles, including Cars and taxis, not allowed to seat more than 2 passengers. Vehicles carrying patients to hospitals exempted. No Pillion riders on scooters and motorcycles except those belonging to the same family and living in the same
  2. No gathering of more than 10 persons to be allowed; including for weddings/cremations/funerals.
  3. Villages will organise Thikri Pehras to ensure that ‘Night Curfew’and ‘Weekend Curfew’ Orders are complied with.

vii,             Social Distancing to be maintained in SabziMandis, which would be

open only to Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers.

  • Appeals to Kisan Unions and Religious leaders not to hold gatherings
    and restrict number of protestors to token presence at Toll Plazas, Petrol Pumps, Malls etc.
  1. Religious Places to be closed at 6 pm daily. No overcrowding at Gurudwaras, Mandirs, Masjids, Churches etc.
  2. Action by District Administrations against those hoarding Oxygen Cylinders etc.
  3. RT-PCR testing of Road and Streetwise vendors, such as Rehriwallahs to be carried out.
  1. Daily Night Curfew from 6 pm to 5 am and Weekend curfew from 00 pm on Friday upto 5.00 am on Monday throughout the state. No vehicle to ply except for medical purposes. with curfew pass
  2. Number in public transport (buses, taxis, autos) to be restricted to 50% of the capacity. Transport and civil officials, along with police personnel, to constitute flying squads to enforce.
  • All bars, cinema halls, Gyms, spas, swimming pools, coaching centres, sports complexes to remain closed.
  1. All restaurants (including in hotels), Cafes, Coffee Shops, fast food

outlets, Dhabas etc. to remain closed for dine-in and may function

only for take-away. Home delivery allowed till 9pm. No seating inside

Restaurants, Fast Food Joint, Coffee Shops etc. to be allowed.

  1. All Weekly markets (such as apnimandis) to be closed.
  2. There shall be a complete ban on all social, cultural or sports gatherings and related functions, including government functions, such as inaugurations, foundation stone laying ceremonies, etc unless prior permission of Deputy Commissioner has been obtained.
  • There shall be a complete ban across the State on all political For any gathering organised in violation of these orders, FIRs will be registered against the organisers and participants as well as against the owners of the venue and the tent houses under the Disaster Management Act and the Epidemic Diseases Act. Such venues shall also be sealed for next 3 months.
  • Persons who have attended large gatherings anywhere (religious/
    political/social) to be mandatorily home quarantined for 5 days and tested as per protocol.
  1. All educational institutions i.e. schools and colleges to remain closed but the teaching and non-teaching staff of Govt schools to attend
  2. All the medical and nursing colleges may continue to remain open.
  3. All recruitment exams to be postponed, unless it relates to recruitment of Covid management related manpower.
  • All Private Offices, including Service Industry, such as offices of Architects, Chartered Accountants, Insurance Companies etc., allowed to ‘Work from Home’ only.
  • In Government offices — Health/ frontline workers and employees over 45 years who have not got at least one vaccine dose in last 15 days or more, should be encouraged to take leave and stay home until then. Employees under 45 years to be allowed only on basis of negative RT-PCR not more than 5 days old or else should take leave and stay home.
  • Micro-containment zones in high positivity areas to be increased and strictly enforced. Special Monitors to be designated for enforcement.
  1. Grievance redressal by all the government offices shall be preferred through virtual/on-line modes. Public dealings be discouraged as far as possible and allowed only where deemed unavoidable. Revenue Department shall also endeavour to limit appointments to public to bare minimum for execution of Conveyance Deeds for sale and purchase of properties.
  2. District authorities shall also continue to ensure strict implementation of all the extant directives of MHA/State Government on Covid appropriate behaviour including social distancing norm of minimum 6 feet distance (Do Gaz Ki Doori), regulating crowds in market places and public transport, and imposition of penalties prescribed for violation of Covid appropriate behaviour like wearing of face masks and spitting in public places etc.

Additional Chief Secretary (Home)